April 12, 2012

Little Things that Inspires me: Sexy Girls

Sexy girls is everywhere and they are a great source of inspiration.Why? Because they shows the feminism side of the world, you can learn anatomy, curves and everyone wants to see a pretty face. I love draw girls but lately I'm filling my works in progress folder with mens. 

This is a little collection of my "Inspiration folder" (very useful). I used to recollect some pics that's inspires me: photos, illustrations, doodles, concepts, etc. and I check it when I need some push up while I'm working.

1. La petite Mort by Gali-Miau 2.Yuri in Cosmopolitan 3. Novicia by Mancomb Seepwood 4.Lorna by Azpiri 5. Axuli 6. Shunya Yamashita

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